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Concord goes Single-Session in 2017!

We are pleased to inform everyone that Concord Primary will function as a single session school in 2017. With the completion of our PERI PRIME, our Concordians will be able to enjoy the various new facilities such as the Indoor Sports Hall, Outdoor Experiential Learning Corner, Outdoor Fitness Playground, PAL rooms, new classrooms and a new library, etc. We look forward to an exciting new Concord experience in 2017! 


Results of 2016 International Chinese Language Competition for Primary Schools


Our Concordian Ho Zoan has won a Gold Award in the "2016 International Chinese Language Competition for Primary Schools". 


Please register/login http://iclc2016.amcontest.com/ to read her essays and vote for her.


We also wish to congratulate Puan Yi Hui for her efforts.  We are positive that the exposure has enriched both the Concordians' learning. 


4th Intergenerational Learning Programme

Our 4th Intergenerational Learning Programme (ILP) was conducted from 16-19 May 2016 for a group of seniors who learned from our teachers and students how to use their the apps in their Smart Phones. The seniors were good role models of life-long learning for our young Concordians. At the same time, Concordians were patient and caring towards the seniors as student buddies. Click here to read more.

Expressing Our Gratitude As A School 

In line with Labour Day and to show our appreciation as a school to a dedicated group of school support staff working quietly behind the scenes to create a conducive school environment, our Principal, Mrs Chua, presented the operations support officers, cleaning staff and security guards with gifts and certificates during assembly on 29 April 2016.

International Friendship Day 2016

International Friendship Day was commemorated on 15th April 2016. The theme for this year is “ASEAN.” Through interactive activities which included quizzes on facts and information on the various ASEAN countries, students get to appreciate cultural diversity and embrace others from diverse backgrounds.  Click here to read more.


Junior Math Olympiad @ Concord 

As part of our school’s efforts to stretch the Primary 1 and Primary 2 students with aptitude in Mathematics, Concord is proud to introduce the Junior Math Olympiad programme this year. The students’ creative thinking and problem solving skills will be enhanced through the hands-on activities and the investigative tasks customised for them.

10th Interschool Sudoku Challenge 2016

Concord is proud to announce that our team of P5 students emerged as 2nd Runner-Up in the 10th Interschool Sudoku Challenge 2016 which was held in March this year. The team which consisted of Chng Yaw Tia, Somisetty Sasank, Tan Jun Yu Henry and Vidal Low Yin Wei, used their examination and evaluation skills to complete the Sudoku Puzzles within the stipulated time, with much accuracy. Well-done!


   Tamil Competitions

Concordian participated in 3 Tamil Language competitions in April and have done the school and themselves proud. The students clinched the Championship in Kalakkal Drama festival, and won the Lim Hng Kiang Challenge trophy in Telok Blangah CC, and came in as the second runner up in Yew Tee CC.

E3 (Enable, Enrich, Empower)

Reasoning @ Concord

Lego Robotics for our selected P4/5 students has commenced on 24 March, Thursday. Lego Robotics is one of the E3 Reasoning stretched programmes which Concord has customised for our students. Click here to read more.

E3 (Enable, Enrich, Empower)

Reasoning @ Concord

It is part of our school’s efforts to provide enhanced experiences for students in E3 Reasoning. Code For Fun is one of the E3 Reasoning Programmes that we have put in place for our P3/4 students this year. Click here to read more.

Learning Journey to Kampung

Riang Ria @ Pulau Ubin

On 16th March 2016, the P5 Malay students went on a Learning Journey to Kampung Riang Ria @ Pulau Ubin to expose themselves to the Malay culture, arts, food and architecture in a real-life kampung setting. Click here to read more.

Prefects Investiture 2016

The Prefect Investiture is a ceremony that formally officiate and congratulate the appointments of the prefects. The group of prefects have gone through a rigorous selection process. They are representatives of the student body and they embody the best in student qualities that the school has to offer. 

G.A.R.A.N.G 2016 @

Greendale Secondary School

Concord Primary School sent 40 students for this competition on Saturday, 27/2/2016. After being given this opportunity, these students embodied the values of courage, perseverance and resilience even though they faced stiff competition from schools across Singapore. Concord teachers and parents came together to support these children on their journey towards this competition. Click here to read more.

Total Defence Day 2016

Total Defence Day was commemorated in Concord Primary School on 15th February 2016. The theme for this year’s Total Defence Day is “Together We Keep Singapore Strong.” The theme serves to remind all Singaporeans that everyone has an important to play to contribute to the five pillars of Total Defence. Click here to read more.

Hosting of China Teachers & Students on 1st- 2nd Feb 2016

On 1st -2nd Feb 2016, more than 50 Concordians from Primary 4 and Primary 5 had a chance to play host to a group of 53 students and 5 teachers from China Jiaxing Fucheng Educational Group. Click here to see more.

Recess Buddy Programme 2016

To help the Primary One students settle well into the school environment, 170 of our Primary Four students volunteered to be student buddies to the Primary One students. They stayed back after school for the first three days to assist the Primary One students during their recess.  Click here to read more.

Walk with Me Programme

On the first day of school, the Primary 6 Concordians welcomed the new Primary 1 students into the school grounds. They befriended their juniors and made them feel at ease as they made their way to the school hall. Click here to read more.


Super Outdoor Adventure Race (SOAR) National Challenge 2015/2016

Concord’s inaugural SOAR National Challenge was conducted on 28 January 2016. It was designed as an adventure racing competition that was appropriate for children aged between 10 to 12 years old. Click here to read more.



Concord in the Good News! (2)



Click here to read full article.

Concord in the Good News! (1)


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Learning Journey to 

Heritage Centre and Pongal Bazzar

To enrich our students with cross cultural understanding, the Mother Tongue Languages Department organized the Primary 5 learning journey to the Heritage Centre and Pongal Bazzar at Little India on 12 January 2016. Click here to read more.


15th Anniversary Celebrations 

This is a special year for Concord Primary School. Concord’s milestone of 15th anniversary coincided with SG50. To mark this special occasion, a 15th Anniversary Dinner was held on 20th November 2015. Click here to read more.



Mid-Autumn Festival Recess Cultural Exposure Programme 2015  

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival of reunion and family bonding. Since 2012, Concordians have been celebrating this festival to concretise the importance of family unit and harmony. Click here to find out more.


Concord's Official Instagram  

We are now on Instagram! Follow us @ccpsofficial.

Bukit Panjang District Games Day 2015

A group of Scouts participated in the District Games Day on Saturday, 29 August 2015. Several primary schools from the Bukit Panjang district took part in the event which was held at Unity Secondary School. Our boys put up a strong fight and emerged winners in a few events. They really did Concord proud! Congratulations, Scouts!

SG50 National Day Observance Ceremony and Celebrations 2015

On August 6th, 2015, Concord Primary School commemorated our nation’s 50th year of independence. At 0730h, the school commenced with an observance ceremony at the parade square. The National flag and school flag was marched in by the school’s uniform groups. Click here to find out more!

Prefects Investiture 2015  


The Prefect Investiture is a ceremony that formally officiate and congratulate the appointments of the prefects. The group of prefects have gone through a rigorous selection process. They are representatives of the student body and they embody the best in student qualities that the school has to offer.


"I Love My Singapore"

Chinese Creative Writing Competition 


Concordians took part in the "I Love Singapore" Chinese Creative Writing Competition organized by the Singapore Chinese Teachers Unit. Two of the entries have been selected for publication: Click here to find out more!


Cyber Wellness Day @ Concord 2015

Fun-filled canteen activities were prepared for all, and our IT Ambassadors went to the frontline to take charge of games booths and promote Cyber Wellness among their peers. Concord students also wrote Cyber Wellness messages and reflections on the Wall of Expression. Students took pride to see their posters exhibited on wall panels. The canteen was buzzing with activities enjoyed by both students and IT Ambassadors.

P1 and P2 E3 Reasoning Workshop 

To develop creativity and analytical skills, P1 and P2 students who have exhibited greater aptitude and interest in E3 Reasoning were identified to participate in the "Reasoning Using Magic" two-day workshop.




E3 Reasoning: Code For Fun!

Our selected P3 and P4 students participated in the Code For Fun (E3 Reasoning Enrichment) Programme during the June Holidays. This learning experience enabled our Concordians to learn reasoning through the coding process as they plan their game logic.

Concord's ALP and LLP make the news!

Concord is proud to be featured in a TODAY newspaper article on 29th June 2015. It  focuses on its Applied Learning Programme - E3 Reasoning@Concord - and Learning for Life Programme - Outdoor Education@Concord.


2015 Shanghai/Jiaxing/Hangzhou TIE 

The TIE programme in Concord is planned to broaden our students' experiences and deepen their learning, and at the same time deepens students' committment and rootedness to Singapore. It facilitates Concordians in accepting globalisation and embracing different cultures. Concord teachers led a group of 29 students to Shanghai/Jiaxing/Hangzhou from 2 - 7 June. 


E3 Reasoning - Robotics

E3 (Enable, Enrich, Empower) Reasoning @ Concord aims to equip our students with the competencies and skills that would build a good  foundation beyond their primary school years via our weekly E3 lessons which the school has structured into the curriculum. Robotics has been leveraged to provide additional experiences for students who have exhibited greater interest and aptitude in E3 Reasoning. Through the Robotics Programme which has commenced on 19 May 2015, our selected P4 and P5 students will learn to think creatively, analyse situations and apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to real world problems.

2015 Sorpor Tamil National Debate

Our Primary 5 pupils participated in the National Debate Competition organized by Tamil Representative Council and MOE, Curriculum planning division. Our pupils did Concord Primary School proud with their sterling debating skills and confident articulation to emerge as a runner up. The debate was telecasted on Vasantham Central on 26th April 2015 and an article about the debate was published in Tamil Murasu on 27th April 2015. Congratulations to the winners!

International Friendship Day and Hosting of Overseas Partners



Concord Primary School opened her doors and welcomed her overseas partners from Indonesia and Brunei from the 14th April 2015 to 17th April 2015.  The schools were Santa Laurensia Elementary School from Jakarta, Indonesia and Sekolah Rendah Lambak Kanan Jalan 49 from Brunei.


Concord has made a difference!



Concord is proud to have made a difference in Jacob's life! Click here to read the full post.


Our Concordians, Our Pride!

Aditi Gawande, Cheryl Ow, Ng Shi Hui, and Leong Zhe Yean emerged as third runner-up for the 9th Interschool Sudoku Challenge! held at Broadrick Secondary School on 31st March 2015. Well done Concordians!

Overseas Exchange Programme to Jakarta (2015)


Our Primary 4 pupils participated in Concord Primary School’s annual overseas exchange trip to Santa Laurensia School in Jakarta, Indonesia during the March holidays. 





Founder's Day Rally 2015 

A group of Concord Scouts participated in the Founder’s Day Rally on Saturday, 28 February 2015. Several primary schools from the Bukit Panjang and Serangoon districts took part in the event which was held at Dazhong Primary School. They participated in the Recycle Robot competition where the boys had to construct a robot using recyclable materials and our boys tasted sweet success as they achieved the 3rd placing. Well done boys! 


Gecko Speed Climbing Competition



26 of our students had recently participated in the Gecko Speed Climbing Competition organised by Greendale Secondary on the 28 February 2015. The team was made up of experienced participants from past competitions and identified P5 talents from the recent Sport Climbing Exposure Programme. We clinched all top 3 spots for the girls (primary schools) category. Congratulations Concord Climbers!


 Lunar New Year Celebrations 2015



Concordians had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year with friends and teachers on 18 February 2015. This year, Concordians had a rare chance to get up close and personal with the lion dance, with hands-on session to learn how to be a good lion dancers and drummers. We wish all Concordians and their families a wonderful Lunar New Year and Goat Xi Fa Cai!   


CNY Spring Cleaning 2015



To usher in the lunar new year, and give Concordians a hands-on experience to better understand the Chinese culture, time was set aside for Concordians to carry out CNY Spring Cleaning on 17 February 2015. Concordians participated enthusiastically to spruce up their classrooms and felt a sense of satisfaction!


2015 Chinese Calligraphy Mass Activity

To tie in with Chinese New Year celebrations and Mother Tongue Fortnight, the Mother Tongue Department organised a Mass Chinese Calligraphy for all the P5 & P6 students on 16 Feb 2015. The programme provided Concordians an opportunity to learn about the traditional values of patience and persistence associated with Chinese calligraphy, as well as the meaning of some of the auspicious writings commonly seen during CNY. Concordians had a fun and enriching hands-on session practising after watching demonstrations by the teacher.

Learning Journey to Kok Wah Technology Farm

During the Mother Tongue Fortnight, some of our P2 students had the opportunity to visit a local technology farm where they saw for themselves how vegetables were grown. Students were also each given a 'growing package' which enables them to have a hands-on experience growing their own vegetables!


Forging Quality School Partnership 2015

On 9 Feb 2015, Concord warmly welcomed our new friends from China. More than 50 Concordians from Primary 4 & Primary 5 had a chance to play host to our guests and new friendship was forged through enriched interactions and activities between the young future leaders of the two countries.


Multi-Functional Rockwall @Concord


The multi-functional rockwall was designed and constructed to support Concord's Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in Outdoor Education. Since the completion of the multi-functional rockwall in early January 2015, the school has kick-start the Sport Climbing Exposure Programme for our Concordians. All students from Primary 3 to Primary 6 will be scheduled to learn and experience Sport Climbing in the course of the year. Primary 1 and Primary 2 students will be introduced to Bouldering during some of their PE lessons. 


Mass Student Leadership Training 2015


In Concord, every child is a leader. Every child is given the opportunity to take on leadership roles. In order to ensure that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to carry out their duties effectively, mass Leadership Training was conducted over two days.